Why people play backgammon?

As for many others games, online or live, there are various different reasons why people spend there time playing backgammon. Some may look at this game as plain hobby, having some fun or having the thrill of an exiting competition. And others will go even further and would be willing to play for money with all the risks may be in order to gain a reputation as a good player and win as much as they can. That is why backgammon can become very addictive.

But the main reason why many players love the online backgammon is socializing with other and not the game alone. In Backgammon game there is a strong weight for the people as a society. The players can chat between themselves and other than playing against their rival in the game they can join an online backgammon community and make friends from all over the world.

I know this from a first person perspective. I have been addicted to backgammon for over 10 years, playing over 1 million games of online backgammon, being a member of over a dozen online communities, and even got married to a woman I met in one of those communities. So the online community could become a main factor in your life much more than the game itself, mostly because you have the supportive feeling of backgammon family.

Backgammon has its moment and it is not always wonderful. Mostly because this game involves luck, which can creates highly emotional reactions especially when a player runs into bad luck. But as in real life, family and friends are there for the bad times as well. So players can feel comfortable to take out their rage and emotions against others. But on the other hand, player should remember that they play with real people and try not to insult them.

I want to suggest of few tips of how to stay calm and play it professional by mostly controlling emotions:

There are many other great tips for a better game experience and results but these are the basics and if you follow it the online backgammon game will stay as fun as it should be.

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