Backgammon Strategy

This page of Backgammon Strategy has helful backgammon articles and lessons which can assit in your quest to become a better backgammon player. Each article focus on another aspect of backgammon strategy, great moves and tips .This will help you to upgrade your backgammon playing skills and knowledge,and beat other backgammon players from all over the world.

The best strategy articles from Gammoned:

Backgammon openning moves - The very Basic Strategy lesson; How should you open your game? - Learn from the experience of the pro's.

Playing the Opponent - backgammon instructions - Unless you are playing against a computer, every player has some flaws or personal traits that affect their game - should you change your strategy?

Learning Backgammon - Backgammon is one of the hardest to master. While you can learn the basic rules in just a few minutes, it takes many years of practice and study to become a real expert - read about the experience of others.

How to play backgammon - A must read article by Steve Sax!


Basic Strategy for Beginners

Strategy tips from the Backgammon FAQ.


Serious Backgammon Tips

Strategy tips I've collected from several backgammon books all on one page.


Match Equities

Match Equity tables and calculations with Kit Woolsey's match equity table and Neil's numbers.