Motif Backgammon – Game Review

If you want to enjoy one of the internet hottest abilities- the online games- and one of the hottest games of all times, you can choose to use one of the backgammon softwares- such as the Motif backgammon. If you want to learn how to play this game or even if you are a player and just want to pass your time or improve your skills by playing on the net, the Motif backgammon software is one of the oldest and the simplest backgammon softwares on the net.

Motif backgammon - review

As claimed before, one of the ways to play backgammon on the internet is to enter the BKGMsite and use the Motif backgammon software suggested there. You don't have to do very much to play the Motif backgammon, just enter the right page and click start. At the same page of the Motif backgammon you can even find the "how to play" explanation for the Motif backgammon itself and a link to backgammon rules which are good not only for the Motif backgammon, but also to any other backgammon game- software or the real thing.

The link to Motif backgammon on the BKGM site:

motif backgammon

Motif backgammon – the game:

you can see on the picture bellow that the graphic design of the motif backgammon is very dull. The playing area on the motif backgammon software is small and the picture looks like a child's art. the software is using only 2D interface and not 3d as some more sophisticated softwares (gammon empire etc.). The technology being used by the motif is a very basic java, so, it takes less than thirty seconds to start the game. The interface of the motif backgammon software is not separated from the page and you don't have to watch any advertisements but you can't change the size of the board. By double clicking you can move the checker to the point you want and you need to click the ok button to approve your move (or the cancel button if you want to change it) –things which make the game very convenient.

the MOTIF backgammon interface:

motif backgammon

motif backgammon – the experience:

The biggest problem of this game is that you can't play against other players! Which means that you are playing only against the computer, there are no tournaments or any other interesting options suggested on other softwares; there is no ranking system and of course, no chat (as friendly as it is, the software would not chat with you and won't give you any improving tips…). If you are looking for simple, fast and friendly backgammon software and you don't care too much about the design, if you want to just pass the next five minutes the motif backgammon software is good for you, this is the most important thing on the motif backgammon software – what you see is what you get.