Internet Backgammon

Can you tell which Internet backgammon game is good?

If you want to pass the time, the internet is providing a lot of ways to do it. Along time before we even thought about the net some of them were here. Backgammon was obvious then like every other game but today with the many choices provided by the Internet, it is becoming hard to tell which of the free internet backgammon is the best. A few things there are, we should consider but it seems that the most important thing on the internet backgammon programs is the looks. We want to get the feeling of a real game, and for that the backgammon software interface should have a 3d (three dimensions) interface and should use the best technology available.

nternet backgammon - The interface:

The three dimensional board gives the backgammon software a very realistic feeling as can be seen on the picture above, but that is not enough. For the perfect feeling, the game itself must have an easy way of playing and a very friendly interface. As can be seen on the picture bellow, some of the internet backgammon programs lack the realistic part, though they can be very friendly. Chat system will help you get the feeling of the real thing and a program that can be downloaded in to your own computer, of course, is better. The reasons for that is that you don't have to surf through any site when you want to play and that usually, it work faster.

A 2d internet backgammon (taken from the bkgm site):
play free internet backgammon

Internet backgammon - your opponents

When playing Internet backgammon, you will try to find someone on your own skill level. A big site with variant players will give you more choices; And to check your opponent skills, you will need a good ranking system of the Internet backgammon software - you don't want to find yourself playing against someone who doesn't know how to play (or maybe you do...) and surely you don't want to play against someone much better than you...

3d internet backgammon software interface (taken from the gammon empire site):
play internet backgammon game

Internet backgammon game – the real thrill...

You don't want to pay for a game, obviously not while playing on a backgammon software… but some of us don't enjoy winning unless there is some money or a prize involved. Good Internet backgammon software will provide you the possibility of playing on money if you want - like in the real game - it makes the game much more interesting for this kind of people (my kind…) and if you are good … If you want to find a playing on money system, you want to be sure that you are playing on a reliable site that uses the best technology that will secure your winnings (for ex. The gammon empire software uses the SSL security protocol) and that your credit is protected.

Internet backgammon – summary:

Many players leveled by a good ranking system, A friendly interface and a friendly way of playing software, option to play on money, a very fast program and a realistic looks are things that make the difference between a regular and basic Internet backgammon software and a great Internet backgammon software that you can't let go of.

Online gambling:

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