FIBS - The first internet backgammon server

Unlike all the other softwares I reviewed on these pages, the Fibs is not an online backgammon game. it's not even software. I guess you are asking yourself: so, what is it doing here?

The system is an online backgammon server, which means, it is being used by other backgammon programs, created by many different developers, to play on. In fact one of the popular ways of playing online backgammon is through Fibs. The system itself has no interface and the homepage is not too big but on this server you can find many opponents, playing on a number of graphical interfaces. Each one with a different looks and some of them are free. Some are downloadable and some are java applets (which means, you play on the web). Some made for windows and some for Macintosh.

What is the Fibs used for?

For a long time there was not any available online backgammon competitor server, through it you could play against other opponents on different skill levels with a good ranking system. If you found software with a realistic and nice interface, it didn't have a good ranking system and the contrary. The was the best and maybe even the only solution.

Example for the interface:

The community:

The Fibs community is very big (even if not big as some of the more popular online backgammon available today) and you can find there people from all over the world to play against. The Fibsters, as the community members call themselves, created a number of big sites in which you can learn how to play backgammon, meet some other users, enter the backgammon forums and more. The community is even arranging users meetings all around the world.


This server is very good if you want to learn the rules of backgammon, learn how to play professional backgammon and meet some Fibs users. One problem of the Fibs backgammon is that it is very hard to find a nice, simple and friendly 3D interface. I tried to find one but it was very complicated. Another problem is that you can't play on money – thing that many of the online players are looking for. Another problem, I suspect the server used is a bit old, (twice I tried to use It and it was "down".) For everything else, The Fibs is a great system and it is very obvious why the users of this server, created themselves a nickname.

Second example to the interface: